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Episode 1 | Generationality & Farming Identity

Dairy farming has been the backbone of the Vermont economy since the early 19th century. As such, it remains one of the state’s dominant cultural forces. In this episode, Elaine Forbush and Maggie Danna talk with farmers about how they got into farming, what it means to their family, and what their plans are for the future.

Episode 2 | Challenges of Farming

Dairy farming is not for the faint of heart. Jenevra Wetmore explores the myriad challenges to a dairy operation that can take some serious know-how to overcome. In this second installment, farmers let us in on the hardest parts of their jobs, from 2 am milking shifts to international dairy markets.earbuds

Episode 3 | Strategies & Solutions

In this episode, Kristina Ohl and Heather Tourgee dive into the ways in which farmers have successfully adapted to a rapidly changing industry. Though the going remains tough for many in the industry, these farmers have found ways to work within and around various systems to continue to thrive well into the future.